September 1, 2014

Food Panda App (India) for iOS7

I have a confession to make. I have a love-hate relationship with food apps. (I’m sorry, Food Panda).

What do I love?

I love that I can be lazy and order food whenever I want. I love that mobile payments are finally available within app! I also love that I am able to save my orders and re-order it another day, saving time.

What do I hate?

The look and feel of the apps. It feels like I am looking at Amazon for food app (clunky look and feel, lots of buttons, reviews everywhere, stars). I know that it’s probably tweaked for conversions not human beings. I strongly feel that app makers forget that people are the ones purchasing the food which means that decisions are made based on their senses. So, here’s my second idea:


My suggestion is a clean and minimalistic interface with a focus on the pictures of the food itself. To select food that you want to order, you either swipe right or left. The dishes are pre-populated by restaurants that deliver to your current location. Your card details are stored and you make payment with a single click of a button after signing in. Other info such as nutritional details, allergens, delivery time, etc. are also shown. An interface that somewhat illustrates the same idea and also looks more polished for phones:

Would anyone like to prototype this?


I often get ideas and many of them are pretty awesome (at least, my mum thinks so.) Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the knowledge to execute them. To put these ideas to good use and to prove that execution is the secret ingredient of a successful business, I will be sharing an idea that I think is shareworthy on this blog weekly. 1% is the mere idea. 99% is the sweat equity of execution you put into it. That’s the difference between dreamers and winners. So, if any of these ideas are interesting enough for you to pursue, please go ahead and execute the remaining 99%. You can check out the whole series here: Link Good Luck =)

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