How to Prepare a Speech

I really like to give speeches less so spontaneous raise your glass features but rather well prepared speeches ideally accompanied by a well prepared presentation whenever there is a group project at university or a presentation required for the startup I co-founded somebody needs to give their presentation and usually that guy is me I enjoy doing it and like everyone I like to improve upon my hobbies over the years I’ve taught me a few things about how to prepare good speech so despite all the seminars and books and videos that exists on this topic already I would like to give you my personal take on it whenever I prepare speech there are two crucial things that

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I really pay attention to I call them focus and toolbox let’s start with focus focus asks the question out of the 1 billion things want to say about this topic what are the most important ones which I want the audience to know to achieve a strong message you need to choose very carefully what information to include in your speech not fall to the tempting trap of trying to include everything Steve Jobs was the master of focusing on clear messages take for example his introduction of the iPod Nano in the Year 2005 a remarkable piece of consumer tech at its time rather than going through every single feature he chose one message that determined the tone for the entire presentation it’s the thinnest piece of consumer electronics in the world that was his message and he was using remarkably few words to communicate it sure he prepared some nice slides to go along with that but if you think about it the slides

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weren’t all that important they simply reinforced whatever you will saying in that moment the starting point of every presentation should be a speech and every speech needs a clear focus only when you’re very clear about what the few things are that you want the audience to know you can make them care if you don’t know what exactly it is that you want them to remember then they won’t know either and nothing cries I don’t care louder and losing the train of thought the audience the moment I’ve set a tight focus for my speech I automatically find myself talking with much better intonation and ultimately see the audience paying attention the most recent speech I gave was at an event of the International academics along a Club which organizes debating events all around the world and was who would have thought founded by an ILM night the topic I chose to talk about was the automated economy what is the automated economy you might ask it is a concept that envisions the future in which most laborers replace by BOTS and much of society will in my opinion live off a healthy universal basic income as well as something called micro payments I’ve been reading literature on this topic for years out of sheer interest and developed some of my own ideas in that time the things I would have loved to include in my speech were the AI tech behind automated factories social systems new political structures all things that didn’t make it into my speech instead I focused on mass unemployment which is a challenging side effect of an all automated economy this not only helped me stick to the timeframe of around 20 minutes and people’s attention span of well let’s say potentially less than that but it also helped me to make the audience care about what I had to say unemployment is a concept that everybody knows it is something that you can get everyone on board with with that foundation as my focus I had the opportunity to either make my speech incredibly interesting for the audience or fail horribly a trying which brings us to the second point the tool box a box full of elements which I always make sure to weave into my speech every note then these include quotes and facts that help underpin like credibility real-world examples which help to make something abstract more concrete and little jokes to lighten up the mood and keep the audience’s attention for example coming back to my speech about the automated economy I pointed out historical records that show how under the reign of Henry DF around 72,000 unemployed people were execute I then jokingly remarked that it was unlucky for them because just four centuries later they would have gotten away with unemployment benefits instead it’s important to note that every funny remark I ever make in my speech is always tied to some factual piece of information so that in case the joke part of it isn’t received as I hope the audience can always read the informative part instead never ever include a joke into your speech which has the sole purpose of being funny unless you are a comedian with focus and toolbox in mind I work on the script for my speech and writing the script goes hand in hand with practicing very often I read sentences out loud immediately after I wrote them down just to see what they sound like when spoke most of the time they sound rather different than what I imagined them to sound like in my head ultimately I end up going over every word multiple times and create thousands of iterations of my speech in the process the very last iteration I’m working on is the one that ends up in my speech just like this one you just heard Subtitles by the community

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