Countries vs. Companies: Numbers You Should Know

it all starts with people there are around 7.2 billion of them a lot historically speaking yes our grandparents were born in a world of two billion our parents and one of three billion more than double that and here we are how are all these people distributed around the globe let’s start with the Giants China and India remember how back in Graham last time we had 2 billion China and India today have more than half of that each we are speaking about 1.3 billion people per country that adds up to an impressive 2.6 billion humans in just two countries that’s more than a third of the globe take the continent there in Asia and you get a staggering 4.2 billion people you know all these shiny continents we have yeah more than half the Earthlings live in a single one of them that leaves us with another three billion where are they and decreasing order

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Africa with 1.2 billion Europe with 750 million North America with 550 million and South America with 400 million oh yeah I almost forgot about Australia they have 36 million population wise Australia is not more than a rounding error on to the economy did you notice how Africa is about the same population as North America and Europe combined economically speaking they’re as big as France that’s why Africa is such a suffering continent their economic output is tiny compared to their huge population whereas Europe and Japan are producing too few children for their economies economic growth of Africa is having a hard time keeping up with its population growth Africa’s population tripled since the 1970s if it would have stayed constant back then at around 400 million Africa today might well have had a nominal

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GDP per capita equivalent to Russia’s by the way for all you economic newbies out there GDP is short for gross domestic product of a country and simple terms GDP is a measure for the amount of all final goods and services produced in an economy another way to see it as a nation has people people need things putting aside wealth inequality and try to assets for a moment the higher the GDP the more things and hence the more wealth people will end up having GDP can also be seen as the economic power of a country there are several ways to measure it and there is a healthy amount of criticism around concept of GDP for the purpose of this video we will ignore all of that and consider nominal GDP to compare countries so who are the heavyweights enduring let’s start with the size of the world GDP to see how much we have to work with the entire world produced 74 trillion dollars worth of things 2013 two countries out of around 200 make up the bulk of this number number one champion is the US with a whopping 18 trillion dollars in GDP this is around a quarter of what entire world produces just why we should all be concerned with who runs this economic powerhouse number two is China with currently 11 trillion and GDP around 15 percent of world output but rapidly increasing hence together the US and China make up for around 40 percent of the world’s economy if we go by continent however Europe leads the way with an utterly impressive 24 trillion and GDP which is around a third of the world output V EU which is a big chunk but not all of Europe makes up for around 20 trillion of those note how this is more than the u.s. the EU would be dominating international economic discussions if it weren’t split up in all those frustratingly small countries who decided it would be a brilliant idea to be run by gray-haired bureaucrats next oh yeah Australia GDP of 1.8 trillion rounding error seriously Australia you are just large mostly empty with deadly nature what are you doing in this video of next companies when comparing the US with let’s say Nigeria you need to wonder what makes the US GDP so huge there are many angles from which that question can be answered one of them is companies there is walnut Apple ExxonMobil Microsoft GM GE Croft Google and and end all US companies paying US taxes mostly Apple has a yearly revenue of around 230 billion dollars that alone is half the GDP of Nigeria and the cash Apple sits on is 8 times Nigeria’s foreign reserves you want more fun facts ok the market capitalisation of Russia’s entire stock market is around half a trillion dollars take or get depending on the current oil price weather and political outlook you know what else would cost you around half in dollars if you bought it today Google or Apple or Microsoft the u.s. has huge successful companies and economically speaking their CEOs are often more influential than many heads of state all these companies are really missing is their own army and right back to business if you do the math you’ll find that Apple’s revenues are around 1.3 percent of u.s. GDP if you think that’s much tri VW of Germany their revenue stream is 8 percent of the German economy but even that doesn’t compare to the mother of all country dominating companies Samsung South Korea aimed a small country they have a population of around 50 million which is more than some entire continent and a GDP of 1.4 trillion Samsung runs around 20 percent of it when you think Samsung you think smartphones you’re not thinking heavy on the street chips banking and insurance conglomerate together with its peers LG and Hyundai the South Korean economy is pretty much run by three companies the title of this video is misleading it is called numbers you should know but knowing any of these numbers by heart is useless they keep changing all the time but once you know their magnitude you will get a lot more perspective you

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