50K Special: Questions and Announcements

50,000 subscribers. That’s more than the entire population of… …let’s see… Faroe Islands. They’re somewhere in the North Atlantic, right? Yeah. Between the Norwegian Sea and the At- Anyway, when I started this channel around a year ago, originally for a university application, I wouldn’t have thought that I’d keep this going for so long. I’m just amazed by how it’s been growing, and I want to give all of you a big thanks for following me along the way. To celebrate 50,000 of you, I have a few announcements to make. First, The Rest of Us now has an official Twitter account: @TROUChannel My private account is going back to being used for more private things. So if you want to get the latest news regarding The Rest of Us, make sure to follow as this is my preferred way to communicate with all of you. Next, due to popular demand, I’ve designed the first t-shirts, hoodies, and a mug for The Rest of Us.

Xem them cac loai san go cong nghiep cao cap phu hop voi kien truc biet thu tai day: https://sangocongnghiepcaocap.com/tu-van-san-go/cac-loai-san-go-cong-nghiep-cao-cap-phu-hop-voi-kien-truc-biet-thu.html

They all feature a variation of the logo on the front and my favorite quote by Einstein on the back. You can get them under this link, which is also in the video description. For now, there is a batch of 200 available and I don’t know when I’ll make more. So if you really want one, you should probably get it sooner rather than later. Last but not least, I’m doing a Q&A session. Just leave your questions in the comments below or on Twitter, or on Patreon, if you are a supporter. I will then undemocratically select a few and answer them in a follow-up video within the next few weeks. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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I can’t believe it to me this whole thing honestly still feels a bit like a new hobby and even though this day has been approaching for a while waking up one morning to more than 100,000 subscribers is quite stunning so much so that I misspelled myself congratulatory tweet whatever hits presidential these days in this video I’ll answer some of the questions I’ve received from you for my 50,000 subscribers special in random or here we go who are your favorite youtubers obviously CJD grey mkbhd to name a few big ones casually explained and XAR BR are a big part of my bi-weekly goes of entertainment as for smaller comedy channels check out Brian David Gilbert some of his status absolutely hilarious will you continue making business videos at some point I probably will but looking at my current pipeline for my upcoming videos all I can say is that you shouldn’t expect another business video too soon what software do you use to make these videos honestly it’s still pretty basic I started out with free out-of-the-box software on my macbook and my setup hasn’t changed too much since then so write my script and pages mostly because it syncs over nicely to my iPad I don’t use iMovie keynote and some photoshop for drawing and audacity for audio recording how long does it take you to make a video and how often you post new content at this point I have a fairly routine video creation process which probably takes around 40 to 50 working hours per video as a result I post new content around three times a week what country are you from these are the places where lifts these are the places whose passport I hold these are the places I visit frequently and I’m currently based around here college major such non architecture maths and finance opinions on Trump I’d rather not Kocher Pepsi Co fifi what’s your favorite flag Japan I mean how isn’t this the perfect flag you have any plans to make YouTube a full-time job nah how old are you 25 which one do you prefer quantum physics or psychology quantum psychology what kind of investor are you what kind of investing do you prefer and follow if I really want the product I also want the stock of the company that makes it rule of sub market positioning is more important than patents what is your favorite and why I don’t think I have a favorite number actually say it I go with 8 does pig flies what why do you close your eyes we’ll make love which one would you choose everyone the world works for the money or nobody works for the money nobody if we can pull it off it’s obviously better if no one had to work for their money has the rest of us ever played the last of us nobody here is a fantastic game what are the languages you speak English German divas French some Portuguese and Spanish what are some things that you do in your free time doulton Catan I am you here mind if I sit with you guys yeah sure come in here is a question 20k in two days how’s it like being a god yes that was when my surnames video went viral good days what is the question what is an answer how do you eat bread [Applause] will you remember me when you get big of course I will Joshua Aaron and s why did you name your channel the rest of us so fo ran this ad campaign for their original Macintosh which had the slogan Macintosh the computer for the record computer for the rest of us while Batman computers were mostly a complicated thing for nerds and not very approachable the Mac was meant to make them simple clear and understandable that’s what for the rest of us meant in my videos I often take complicated topics and try to explain them simply and understandably the way I wished someone had explained them to me at some point in that sense I am the rest of us [Music]

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