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In 2012, a bunch of us (university students at the time) realised the importance of technology startups and sought to get involved. We set out to get students and youth leaders involved. We succeeded in creating a platform for university students to intern in Malaysian startups. 4 years on, entrepreneurship is now one of the top career choices, and we’re proud of that. That’s what Startup Street is about. We unveil the world of startups to students that are keen to find out more and get involved to build a better tomorrow.


Every generation has its own defining identity. For the Greatest Generation – resilience to go through 2 World Wars, Baby Boomers – the birth of counter culture and liberalism, Gen X – the beginnings of an interconnected mass media. What defines Gen Y? Technological advancement, mainstream reliance on the internet and our sense of idealism. The idealism to see how the world should be rather than what it currently is.

The advent of the internet created many opportunities for social change. From industries like trade & commerce to energy & agriculture, society is changing rapidly in ways that were previously unimaginable.

The importance of startups is that it embodies all of these values; building new technologies to create a more ideal version of reality. It is imperative that the youth of today don’t lose this idealism so that we can continue to strive for a better tomorrow.


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An alumnus of the University of Melbourne, Joshep was an active participant in student societies. Initially eyeing investment banking as a career, Joshep had stints with Maybank Investment Bank and KPMG Corporate Finance Singapore. Ultimately, he got involved in the tech scene with a stint at Angel Cube, a startup accelerator. Alongside his cofounders, Startup Street was formed as a bridge between tertiary students and Malaysian tech companies. The purpose; to provide an avenue for students to find their place in the Malaysian tech scene.



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Displaying his entrepreneurial tendencies from a young age, John founded several businesses before finishing high school. After graduating from Monash University, Initially explored a career in finance with CIMB and several fund management firms. He ultimately decided to go back to his entrepreneurial roots by getting involved in the tech scene.Also an active student during university, John wanted to help his fellow students get involved in tech and entrepreneurship.




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Dato’ Azmi Abdullah was appointed Independent Non-Executive Director of Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad (The Bank) on the 16th of September 2009. He is the Chairman of Remuneration and Board Risk Management Committees, and member of Nomination, Board Audit, Veto and Board Muamalat Banking Solutions Committees. Prior to joining The Bank, he was the First Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of SME Bank and the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Bumiputera-Commerce Bank Berhad, where he served for more than 26 years in various departments.

Dato’ Azmi graduated with a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Economics from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 1974.

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Kal Joffres is the co-founder of Tandemic, one of Malaysia’s most prominent social enterprises. At Tandemic, Kal is a key architect behind Makeweekend, a programme which brings people together to prototype solutions to social challenges ranging from improving education to disaster relief. With nearly 4,000 participants, Makeweekend is the region’s largest make-a-thon series.

Kal also works on Tandemic’s startup and social enterprise acceleration programme. The programme has created successes such as Do Something Good, Malaysia’s largest volunteering network and provider of corporate volunteering services. He authored Design Thinking Toolkit as well as the Social Business Model Canvas.

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Richard left Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad, part of the London based worldwide BTR group at the end of June 1994 as Managing Director/Group CEO. Under his leadership, Nylex Malaysia won the country’s ‘1991 Quality Management Award’ from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Nylex grew and diversified its businesses through both organic growth and acquisitions with 12 companies located in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia & Hong Kong.

He founded Vistage Malaysia (formerly known as TEC Asia Centre) which has license to the internationally known ‘Vistage process’ that helps CEOs proactively manage change and stay ahead of the competition through sharing ideas, expertise, and personal experience with other successful CEOs.

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