The Accelerated Entrepreneurs Program

The Accelerated Entrepreneurs (ACE) program

The candidate vetting process for the ACE program is highly stringent. We look for candidates that have proven themselves both academically and externally. Twice a year, more than 500 students apply for 20 spots in the program. Over the course of 10 weeks, ACEs intern in their respective startups on a full-time basis. They get to experience first hand what working in a technology startup is like, from the glitz & glamour to the late night odours. ACEs will handle high levels of responsibility and be hands on while working on real projects. Additionally, ACEs are invited to weekly fireside chat sessions with the founders of some of the most prominent startups in Malaysia. These sessions are closed-door with the objective of providing a greater awareness of the tech startup scene in Malaysia, and what it takes to be a successful tech entrepreneur. Ultimately, our goal for ACEs is to provide a solid dose of tech startup experience for ACEs to decide if technology is the career for them.

Program Structure

A Full-Time Internship

On weekdays, ACEs work full time with one of our featured startups

Fortnightly founder insights

Every fortnight, ACEs are invited to a fireside chat with the founder(s) of our featured startups

Ecosystem tour

Aces get to hear multiple perspectives from several prominent startup founders in the Malaysian ecosystem

Why The ACE Program

Broad Ecosystem View

With our fortnightly fireside sessions, ACEs gain a macro view of the ecosystem's prominent startups that span a broad range of industries

Meet the Elite

ACEs are part of exclusive invite-only sessions and where they get to mingle with other similarly ambitious and abled people.

Founder Insights

Through our fireside sessions, ACEs get direct access to several of Malaysia's prominent founders to gain deep insight into motivations, thought processes and more.